Development of water purification technology from R&D works to commissioning and launch Full automation of water treatment process Production of nanopowders Development of high-voltage pulsed power supplies Production of ozonizers
  • Water treatment systems
    Water treatment systems

    The purification process is based on cutting-edge green oxidation technology that involves combined oxidation of water impurities by natural oxidizers (oxygen, ozone, atomic oxygen, OH-radicals) and UV radiation

  • Nanopowders

    We have developed and patented the method for nanopowders production by electric explosion of wires (EEW). We have developed the technology and system for production of EEW nanopowders with controlled properties

  • Power supplies
    Power supplies

    We develop industrial power supplies that feature high reliability and are intended for the generation high voltage pulses. We also produce custom power supplies in accordance with customer's specifications

  • Barrier-less ozonizers
    Barrier-less ozonizers

    Our laboratory staff has developed ozonizers that employ pulsed corona electric discharge for ozone production. Such ozonizers have a number of advantages in comparison with ozonizers that employ dielectric barrier discharge (DBD).

  • Comprehensive approach

    Comprehensive approach

    Full range of works. Development of a technology from scratch and reconstruction of existing facilities: from water quality analysis to assembling, commissioning and after-sales service
  • R&D works
    R&D activities

    Our research team will perform analysis of underground water and develop a technology for its purification. Water quality after treatment by our system complies to Russian standards for potable water quality (SanPiN "Potable water and water supply for inhabited locations"

  • Design

    Our design department will select all necessary equipment and prepare complete documentation for implementation of the developed water purification technology

  • Assembly and comissioning
    Assembly and comissioning

    Our highly-qualified personnel will assemble and launch the water purification system at Customer's facilities or in a mobile containerized module on a turn-key basis. Our specialists guarantee the quality of water purified by our system

We offer various forms of business cooperation

We offer various forms of business cooperation

We are interested in collaboration aimed at increasing work efficacy for both sides:

  • regional representative offices;
  • dealership with technical support;
  • various forms of technical cooperation;
  • creation of joint enterprises;
  • performance of collaborative R&D works.

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